Wednesday, June 9, 2010


if you hang out with poets long enough, you may become one... lastnight's meeting was filled with surprises. first, don made it!  and frank, and pat, and rebecca-the-poet, bren, and our newest convert, ralph. lively reading and sharing, then with pencil and paper in hand we set out to beat the clock!  with a "think of an object" prompt and fifteen minutes left on the schedule to write and read, ralph penciled the following:

A room full of clocks

With their ticks and their tocks

A measure of time

Life is long, but deadlines are short

If time stretches to infinity

Why does there never seem to be enough of it

Once time was absolute,    given,    then

Became part of space-time

Now the very existence of time is questioned

Is it only a non-thing that we name

Like darkness,    cold,    death

Once universal, now personal, maybe an illusion

Is it only a cultural artifact,    cyclical    or linear

Or is it a reality, a foundation

Or an artifact of some deeper interaction?
way to go ralph!  a handfull more of those and you're in next year's anthology...  speaking of anthology, we still have plenty.  let me know if you need a copy (or just want a copy) $10..