Thursday, October 29, 2009

November! Where did this year go??? Can it be it’s time for year-end/2010 business?

Those of you that received (and read through) the Spare Mule know there are some changes in its delivery. The man responsible for getting it out to the reader, Don DePriest, has requested each member of the Missouri State Poetry Society (that’s us) send him an e-mail with the subject line SPARE MULE, and short explanation to add your address to the list, to  so he can organize the mailing list. CC that request to the President, Billy Adams, at  The entire list could be sent at once but that doubles his work and increases the margin for error. Please take a minute, click on the blue link, and do this.

Second, it is time to collect the annual State dues. The State Treasurer has requested this be sent in a lump sum from each chapter Treasurer. Annual dues for the state are $7. Bren will be collecting these dues and sending them. Please put this in your budget and bring it to the November (or December) meeting.

See you November 12 (second Thursday).

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