Monday, November 9, 2009

Second Thursday

Second Thursday is almost here and have we got poetry! yours, mine, ours, and that of poets that make a living at it. Looking forward to seeing everyone at 6:30 at the lake.

KCPT is running a series of celebrity interviews recorded over this past summer. Thursday night the viewing public will have a chance to meet Langston Hughes. The show will be on at 8:30 (right after poetry) so if anyone wants to stick around and watch you're welcome.

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  1. inspired by robertt pinsky and his favorite poem project, last nights meeting centered around the works contained in An Invitation to Poetry and Americans' Favorite Poems. For good measure, Poetry 180 (Billy Collins' selections) provided good reading and even more inspiration. Following lots of reading of published work and our own work, a stack of inspirational (there's that word again) words brought out the poet in those in attendance. Good things happen at 5:30 am...and decisions, no matter how difficult, must be made...looking back through that beviled glass brings forth many memories...