Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Year Has Passed

January 11, 2010 is our next meeting date....  see you at the lake.  Take a minute to mark the second Thursday of each month in your new calendar (or on your e-calendar with popup reminder!).  Many of you remember that cold snowy night six years ago when we huddled around a pile of poetry books on a coffee table in Missi's living room to establish Kansas City Metropoilitan Verse the Kansas City Chapter of the Missouri State Poetry Society.  Lofty vision (with a rather lengthy name) and a great idea.

We have a new VP, Amy Davis.  Thank you Amy for stepping up to the plate.  And thank you to Michael Wells for his years of dediction to the group and most of all to the art of poetry. Amy also has lots of ideas to share with the group.  She plans a book review section of the blog wherein she will review books of poetry listed in the KC Star, NY Book Review, and others.  This year we will also be taking submissions for original poems to be posted on the blog.With 13 active members submitting poetry there should be plenty of good reading!

And speaking of submissions! kcmetroverse anthology vol 4 will be out by National Poetry Month.  That means even more submissions...  It is also time to update your bio... Many of our member poets have grown in the poetry community.  Let's shout out about personal and professional growth.

While we mention growth, it's time to balance the chapter account by settling up for books out on credit. Any owed over 90 days should be collected soon.  A treasury report will be fanned out at the next meeting.

We look forward to another great year in poetry!!!

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