Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunset Poems

At our last meeting, we discussed "renga" poems and talked about the possibility of creating an ongoing renga.
For those of you unfamiliar with the term and who didn't read Brenda's explanation of it, the short description is that it's actually a sequential series of poems, each a follow-on or response to the prior one, written by two or more poets. No clear (to me) decision was reached as to the subject of the renga, or exactly how it would be produced, so this discussion may continue at next month's meeting.

At the end of the meeting, we did some writing, based on the prompt "sunset." Here are some of the poems produced:


I have seen sunsets over mountains, the China Sea,
Pennsylvania, big cities, and villages.
The most glorious was on a mountain
Overlooking Taipei, Taiwan.

It started shy and started to blossom in light.
Then matured to a blood red glow
Blending with the city's turned on lights
And it kissed one and all goodnight.

        Don Fessler

Amarillo Sunset

Today there is only one sunset
not the memory of one
across the widest, flattest terrain

We road out across the vast
did i mention the flatness
of the terrain?

The roasting ground wrapped arms around
The fiery orb
shuttered as he settled below
that flat, immense terrain.

        Brenda Conley

Sunset Options

She said, "I prefer sunrises,
It means I'm still here."
Just diagnosed with cancer
I could touch her fear.

As she travels
the chemo road
and radiation tracks
Please, lighten her load.

Await the day
She will be glad
And claims..............
"Sunsets....another day to add."

        Kay Klinkenborg


Sunsets over the ocean are best
Watching that burning orb vanish into the water,
Wondering why it doesn't all turn into steam
Or expecting a big sizzling sound
As the hot coals are extinguished.

Why isn't the Sun still wet the next morning?

Do people on the other side of the ocean spend all night
Drying it off
Squeezing the last drops out
Wiping off the last moisture
Just in time for dawn?

        Ralph Acosta

Well, that's it. If you want to submit a sunset poem you've written, i'll post it in the next blog.
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