Sunday, October 30, 2011

SOS - (A poem by Frank Adams)


We are the children of the bomb
born in the afterglow
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

born from bloodshed and carnage
from endless wars
waged in the name of peace

We are the children of corporate greed
and military imperialism
of oil dependency and gross consumerism

children of ignorance and destruction
of too much for too few
and of too little for too many

We are the children of lying politicians
who ape the words of their handlers
spinning lies into truth

ugliness into beauty
and stupidity into knowledge
in the name of profits for the few

We are the children of 'so-called' holy men
who claim they have all of the answers
claim to know God's will

as they call-out for the last days
yelling death
to those who do not believe in their creed

We are the children of a wounded planet
whose sickness may not be cured
lying in chemical waste atop nuclear reactors

reactors - we cannot control
sleeping on beds of bombs
under the control of madmen

We are the children of nationalism and intolerance
of prejudice and hatred, of weapons and death
armed to the teeth and living in fear

the children of the end time
living in constant warfare
waged in the name of peace

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